Jeffrey Court University

Jeffrey Court University's installment of the "Via" collection is an overview of the basic design elements that comprise Chapter 4. Join our hosts, Mike & Ally, as they walk you through the Via collection.


Chapter 4 Via is a re-imagination of Latin inspired traditional hand painted/crafted tiles. The name “Via” is the Latin word for “road,” or “by way of.” In this case Via came “by way of” merging our previous collections “Olde California” and “Antico Portuguese” into a more authentic Latin inspired line. From inception our aim was to create: warm and inviting meeting spaces, outdoor lounging areas, and contemporary designs that pay homage to retro craftsmanship. True to that vision Via is an authentically hand crafted terracotta line with many pieces being made just across the California border in Tecate Mexico, and our hand painted designs being made by true artisans in Los Angeles. We like to think Via is the “road that has shaped one’s life” and this is certainly true as this line imparts a sentimental feeling of family gatherings and reminiscent fireside conversations.

Chapter 4 Via features several characteristics attributed to handcrafted terracotta tile. We designed each color to have an authentic hand made look. Each field color is applied by hand with a brush and then hand rubbed with a varnish coating for a true to life patina. The fields are offered in 4 distinct 16.5mm thick floor rated sizes – a 8” x 16” bar tile, 10” x 10”, 7 7/8” Octagon with corresponding 3” x 3” insert, and our signature Felipe (87/8” x 121/4”) & Estela (63/4” x 7 7/8”) that can be used together or as standalone products. Also offered are 10mm thick 5” x 5” field tiles for wall applications. Each field tile choice is available in 4 colors: Brunus (Brown), Ignus (Red), Viride (Green), and Naturalis (Terracotta). Most stunning of all, Via offers a wide variety of hand painted decorative elements. Each design is masterfully and meticulously applied by hand in Los Angeles. Available in a 3” x 3” or 5” x 5” pattern, there are 9 designs in 3 authentic color-ways. As with all Jeffrey Court Chapters, Via includes coordinating terracotta trim pieces: dome, crown, base, beak, and quarter round.

We developed 5 Montage Boards to display the full breadth of the product line. We also created an all-new “Designer Board” which displays all the shapes and colors available in three portable boards. All these point-of-purchase materials are augmented by the 16-page Chapter 4 Via catalog. Showroom installation and loose sample pieces can also be ordered at a discounted price. Please note: the assembly of the montage boards does not follow traditional terracotta installation practices and are for representation purposes only. Due to nominal sizing differences additional preparation steps may need to be implemented to ensure a proper even install.

Chapter 4 Via reflects the shade variations associated with handcrafted terracotta tile a nominal sizing difference of up to 1/8” can be expected. As with all Jeffrey Court handcrafted tiles, we strongly recommend laying out and blending the tiles prior to installation. This step will ensure a proper color blend in order to achieve a classic look for your installation. Practices associated with the installation of handcrafted terracotta tile must be adhered to. See the Jeffrey Court website at to gain inspiration on the design possibilities offered with Chapter 4 Via.