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Chapter one

Suite Glass

Create a welcoming and graceful space using this unique glass tile collection featuring soft curves and satin finishes, in subtle colorways, accented by handcrafted mosaic patterns for a pleasing traditional environment.

Chapter two

Vintage Studio ®

This collection expands on the nostalgia of the traditional ceramic subway tile; modernizing the classic look to offer a go-to choice that can be used in everyday installations.

Chapter three

Stream Stone

Drawing inspiration from the Scandinavian style, this collection features natural stone tiles with clean, simple lines and subtle textures in a neutral color palette that combines functionality with beauty to create a light, inviting space.

Chapter four


A re-imagining of Spanish Revival handpainted terracotta tiles, this collection will create warm and inviting indoor meeting and living spaces as well as outdoor lounging areas that pay homage to retro craftsmanship.

Chapter five

Modern Mixer

Centered around terrazzo, this is our take on the timeless yet stylish mid-century modern aesthetic that defies simplicity, functionality, and boldness. Created with a unique composite made of pieces of granite, marble, and quartz.

Chapter six

Reef Glass ®

Bring the feel of the beach indoors with this stunning collection of glass field tiles and mosaics featuring the soft and lustrous texture of sea glass in a fresh color palette.

Chapter seven

Cubist ®

This line of glass and marble mosaics was inspired by the works of Cubist artists like Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. The tiles in this chapter feature strong geometric shapes and high-contrast design themes.

Chapter eight

Europa Arte ®

This diverse line of European-made ceramics and porcelain tiles emulates a wide array of artistic mediums, including clay, paint, and textiles, as well as other points of inspiration used by the great masters.

Chapter nine

Arroyo ®

The collection’s aesthetic focuses on materials found in the natural environment and uses travertine tile and ceramics to create textured surfaces that are both tactile and visually dynamic.

Chapter ten

Eternal by Jeffrey Court

This celebratory line honors a monumental milestone – Jeffrey Court’s 30 years in the tile industry. Its stunning seven mini collections pay homage to key milestones throughout the company’s storied history with colorful natural stone tiles and one-of-a-kind mosaics.

Chapter eleven

Align ®

This premiere natural stone tile collection uses clean lines and geometric shapes in monochromatic colors that can be used alone or blended with mosaic tiles to create a coordinated transitional design.

Chapter twelve

Ashland & Halsted ®

Inspired by the heyday of American industry, this collection creates an ‘Industrial Chic’ portfolio of handcrafted stone, glass, porcelain, and ceramic tiles that mimic the building materials of the era.

Chapter fourteen

The Press ®

Inspired by newsrooms from the early 20th century, these mosaics create classic repeating patterns frequently found in the architecture and design of the time.

Chapter fifteen

Classic Statuario ®

This all-white, natural stone tile collection is centered around the timeless and elegant simplicity of honed and brushed statuario marble tiles, as well as the use of classic and unconventional shapes to create remarkable installations.

Chapter sixteen

Park Place ®

The clean lines and simple color schemes of the marble mosaic tiles found throughout the collection transport us back to the Art Deco architecture and modern design trends of New York in the Roaring Twenties.

Chapter seventeen


Known for its beautiful crackle glaze, this hand-made line of artisanal ceramic tiles comes in a rich four-color palette, paired with four mosaic patterns to create a perfect balance between traditional and transitional design.

Chapter eighteen

Rotunda ®

This take on neoclassical design utilizes high quality natural stone tiles synonymous with the architecture found in state capitals and national monuments, throughout the United States, to create unique yet timeless pieces.

Chapter nineteen

European Countryside

This collection transports you to a place of calm and tranquility, where the stresses of the modern world fade away. The neutral color palette reflects the natural tones of the countryside.



Spec-09 offers decorative designer tiles to the commercial hospitality markets giving architects, interior designers, and builders a variety of design and material options. Spec-09 consists of fashion-forward designs using superior quality material fit for high traffic spaces. Materials such as natural stone, glass, and porcelain provide a high-end look and feel while fitting a variety of styles. We are committed to delivering extraordinary service with fully stocked products, ready to ship.

Pool by Jeffrey Court

Pool by Jeffrey Court

This pool tile collection acknowledges the tranquility of water and combines glass mosaics named after sea ports from around the world with porcelain pavers to create the perfect poolside atmosphere.


Reservoir ®

Produced in Northern Italy using the very latest 3-D digital technology, these glazed porcelain panels simulate three natural stone looks and two authentic wood raised tile options that open new possibilities for room design.

Specialty Brick

Specialty Brick

This European-made porcelain brick tile collection offers a durable surface solution while also providing the beauty of exposed, rustic brick famously associated with the modern-industrial design seen in loft living.

Essentials By Jeffrey Court

Essentials By Jeffrey Court

Featuring a mix of natural stone, glass, porcelain, and ceramic tiles, this specialty collection is essential for creating design styles ranging from traditional to contemporary.