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At Jeffrey Court, we design tiles that are made for the changing seasons your client’s homes and lives go through. From a modern kitchen to a chic outdoor space, the perfect tile can add texture and variety that makes a space pop this spring.

Speaking of pop... pastels are popping this year. Pastels offer the opportunity to beautifully compliment our evergreen tiles. This spring, why not add a pop of color to a room with pastel accents like pillows, wall art or outdoor furniture?

Two chapters that go perfectly with this Spring pastel obsession are Chapter 4 - Via and Chapter 11- Align.

Via is Latin inspired by traditional and hand-painted tiles. These Latin inspired beauties can act as the colorful accents to any outdoor fireplace or patio; or they can be the catalyst to a more colorful space. With their intricate designs and colors, Via is perfect to pair with pastel accents to not only add more color to outdoor areas, but also to draw out the colors in these hand-painted tiles.

Want to up the ante with a little more color? Find pillows, furniture or outdoor decor with light blue or sunny yellow pastels to accent our Traditional Algarve Patterned tile and brighten up your outdoor space. You can even try soft pinks to add a spring inspired atmosphere!

To add more color and fun that will leave your clients and their guests just as infatuated with pastels, take a look at our tiles from Chapter 11-Align.

Align is known for its’ crisp lines and geometric shapes that come in three natural stones. The clean, crisp lines and soft natural stones are a great base to build the foundation of a room when adding in colors. From your bathroom to your bedroom, every room can benefit from some style and color!

Our Herringbone Styx in Pale goes great in a bathroom to replace outdated walls and pairs well with any pastel your client’s eyes would love to see! Choose decor, towels or soap with pastel greens, blues, yellows and pinks to get your clients loving all things spring.

We hope you are already thinking which of our tiles you’d love to see in your client’s home and where to place a pop of pastel! Look through all of our chapters for more pastel inspiration here.

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