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Yes, it does, and there are mounting preferences that help how well your kitchen will function over time. There are four different ways to install a kitchen or bathroom sink with a counter top. Knowing how you would like your sink to function with your counter top will help you save time and effort on install and purchasing your sink(s).

Here are the ways to mount a kitchen (or bathroom) sink:

1) Top Mount: Easy Installation

Top Mount Sink; Backsplash Tile:
Chapter 2 Studio Glass- Varnish

These are also called drop-in sinks because they are dropped into a hole cut in the countertop material. These types of installations have a lip around the edge of the sink that rests on the top of the counter.

Easy installation is one of the reasons that this type of mounting is a standard choice. Also, the precision of the cut hole in the counter top doesn’t have to be perfect. A lot of homes have drop in sinks because they are quick and easy to install with any type of counter top – especially laminate counter tops.

Type of Counter tops: Laminate, Solid Surface and Quartz, Stone

2) Above Counter: Vintage Installation

Above Counter Sink: Sink and Faucet,

Some sinks are installed so that the edges are above the counter top. Some farmhouse sinks are mounted this way to look more like a vintage installation. This type of installation also brings focus to the sink as the center point of the kitchen. Although the sink needs to be installed into the counter top – the cuts tend to be mostly square which is easier than an undermount type of installation. Keep in mind that the counter top corners may need to be cut on a radius to meet the outer edge of the sink.

Type of Counter tops: Solid Surface, Quartz, Stone

3) Flush Mount: Perfect Installation

Flush Mount Sink: Sink and Faucet

This is the type of sink installation that is the most difficult. The sink must meet all edges of the counter top exactly. Your sink should be given to your installer to measure and use as a template to cut the countertop. If any of the cutting is off, it will show.

A lot of contemporary installations take this approach so that they look seamless with the counter top. Make sure your sink edges do not have a large radius edge because the top seam will appear unmatched. Square edged sinks are preferred for this type of install. This type of installation is often used when mitering countertops and using a thicker edge for your countertop.

4) Under Mount: Hidden Installation

Under Mount Sink: Sink and Faucet,

Most luxury sink installations are full under mount. This type of installation gives the illusion of more counter top space and a more contemporary look. These types of installation are easier to clean because the seams between the sink and countertop do not collect moisture and food as often as top mount.

Installation needs to precise but not perfect. The sink can be moved around to reveal an edge or not depending on the preference of the homeowner. Because of this sleek design, a lot of under-mount sink applications are considered added value to a home for resale.

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