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You know that feeling when you’re scrolling through a website and you want to remember what your favorites are but there just isn’t an efficient way?

With so many great options, who really has time to write them all down. You could open 15 tabs to have your favorites handy, but that is just a little overwhelming. And not the best presentation for your clients, we know.

We understand your dilemma and are happy to share that now, there’s more ways to share some love.

Our website now has a “heart” feature available to select your favorite tiles as you gather inspiration for your next project . Once you’ve found your top picks, you can then narrow down your search by viewing just your favorites by clicking “favorites” at the top right of the screen. It’s mobile-friendly too, so you can find the tiles your clients will love on-the-go.

Try it now:

Amazing, right? We think so too. Happy hearting!

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