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Jeffrey Court is proud to introduce Chapter 4 Via, their latest re-imagination of Latin inspired traditional hand painted, hand crafted tiles. The name “Via” is the Latin word for “road,” or “by way of.” The new Chapter 4, Via came “by way of” merging two previous collections: “Olde California” and “Antico Portuguese” into a more authentic Latin inspired line.

“From inception, our aim was to create warm and inviting meeting spaces, outdoor lounging areas, and contemporary designs that pay homage to retro craftsmanship,” added Andrew Casanova, Jeffrey Court’s Marketing Director.

True to that vision, many of the authentically hand crafted terracotta field tiles and trims are produced just across the California border in Tecate Mexico. The warm and inviting hand painted designs are crafted by true artisans in Los Angeles.

Chapter 4 Via features several characteristics attributed to handcrafted terracotta tile. The beauty of Via is found in its variation, true to tile making practices that span hundreds of years. Every tile is hand shaped, sun dried, and then fired. Each field color is applied by hand with a brush and then hand rubbed with a varnish coating for a true to life patina.

The fields are offered in four distinct 16mm thick floor rated sizes - a 8” x 16” bar tile, 10” x 10”, 73/8” Octagon with corresponding 3” x 3” insert, and a signature Felipe (87/8” x 121/4”) & Estela (63/4” x 77/8”) that can be used together or as stand alone products. Also offered are 10mm thick 5” x 5” field tiles for wall applications. Each field tile choice is available in 4 colors: Brunus (Brown), Ignus (Red), Viride (Green), and Naturalis (Terracotta).

Most stunning of all, Via offers a wide variety of hand painted decorative elements. Each design is masterfully and meticulously applied by hand. Available in a 3” x 3” or 5” x 5” pattern, there are 9 designs in 3 authentic color-ways.

According to Jeffrey Court’s Senior Product Designer Megan Weintraub: “From Portuguese, to Early California we feel we found the universal essence of these Latin cultures: warm traditions, and family gatherings. This is a meticulously curated line, full of symbolism. We like to think Via is the “road that has shaped one’s life” and this is certainly true as this line imparts a sentimental feeling of family gatherings and reminiscent fireside conversations.”

Founded in 1991 out of a love of craft and dedication to innovation, Jeffrey Court designs and purveys the highest quality decorative tile, natural stone, metal and glass elements at the best value for its customers. Its cornerstones: commitment to fashion-forward design, constant product improvement and dedication to trade and retail partners’ success, has made the company a leader in the decorative tile industry. The Via Collection is just one of many readily available collections in stock at Jeffrey Court’s warehouses.

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